I've waited a long time to show these flowers how pretty you are
Anonymous asked: Do you seriously think prostitution should be legal??? Don't you know the adverse effects of prostitution? Like how most women are beat, raped, drugged, and murdered repeatedly? For someone studying true crime, you aren't that smart.



And the reason that women are beat, raped, and murdered is because it’s illegal. Because they cannot be protected by the police. Because they are so secretive about where they are. Because they are so secretive about who they are with. There have been countless occasions in which people have killed prostitutes, and blamed it on the fact that it’s illegal, and therefor nobody knew who they were with, or where they were , and knew other prostitutes won’t go to the police about it through fear of being arrested. If it was legal certain precautions could be taken - number plates and ID’s could be taken, but they spend all night with numerous anonymous people. That is the MAIN reason everybody wants prostitution legalised, you fucking moron!

If the police knew where these women were, and who they were with, that would STOP people from harming them. It would be no different than a regular job. Shit, I thought everybody knew that, lmfao.

Medicine in Movies: Fight Club →


At the end of Fight Club, Edward Norton realizes… okay, even now I’d never want to spoil the ending for anyone who hasn’t seen it, even if that’s a small number of people. Anyways, at the end of Fight Club Edward Norton gets shot through the cheek by a gun that was held in his mouth. The bullet…

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